Top Japanese Car Brands and What You Should Know

As you would probably guess, the Japanese automobile industry is one of the most prolific and largest in the world. Every day, the country manages to produce thousands of different car brands destined for a variety of markets scattered all over the globe. To narrow things down, the following is a list of their top brands, all of which may be easily bought in Australia, with the help of an auto finance broker like Car Loans Brisbane:


As things currently stand, the Toyota Motor Corporation serves as the largest manufacturer of cars, producing more than 10 million of them each year. Founded back in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyota, the company managed to gain prominence during the oil crisis experienced in the 1970s. This is because countries like the U.S. needed affordable and economical cars to replace most of their bulky sedans that primarily used a V8 engine at the time. All these factors led to Toyota being the go-to automobile company for cheap but reliable cars.

Toyota Prius

Also, being one of the pioneers in innovative electric and hybrid technology, Toyota’s marquee Prius model is currently one of the best-selling vehicles in the world. This car is compact, reliable, eco-friendly, and has a high-level of appeal that most consumers like.


Nissan is Japan’s second largest car producer and was established back in 1933 as a branch of Datsun. It rose to prominence as a formidable car seller under both brands. In 1986, the company set up a plant in Sunderland, England which went on to become a rather big deal in Europe. On the hand, during the late 1990s, Nissan had to deal with major financial issues that eventually saw them emerging with the prominent French car manufacturing firm Renault.

Nissan Leaf

Under the wisdom Carlos Ghosn, the Nissan Company was able to rise up in 2000. One of their most prolific models is the very affordable Nissan Leaf, which was actually bestowed the title of World Car of the Year in 2011. Since then, it has served as a symbol of Nissans’ ingenuity when it comes to producing cheap but efficient vehicles.


When it comes to the production of cars and motorbikes, the Honda Motor Company is one of the major players in Japan. It also makes internal combustion engines for a variety of other applications. It was back in 1963 that Honda built their fast car, the S500, after having enjoyed significant success in the motorcycle sector for nearly two decades. From then on, Honda’s best-selling vehicle the Civic was introduced into the market.

japanese auto manufacturers

Acura model

Aside from the very popular Honda Civic, the company has also made strides when it comes to the production of luxury automobiles. One of the most prominent models in this regard is the Acura, which is a high-powered, sporty, and luxurious cars intended for the high-end market.

When it comes to automobile technology, Japan is currently one of the most formidable car producing countries in the world. Both the government and private sector have invested hugely to make the industry a success. As a result, we can bet on seeing more Japanese cars on the road throughout the decades to come.